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From 23 to 27 February 2016, Ceramica Rondine will be taking part in Unicera in Instanbul, the international exhibition that places the spotlight on the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen furnishings.

The company from Rubiera is proud to present its 100% Italian ceramic products, with new colour solutions and new sizes, in an exclusive area within the stand of Seramiksan, the leading ceramic group with which Ceramica Rondine has built up a positive synergy. 

Products featured during this 28th edition of Unicera:

The Rust series, coloured-body stoneware with a strongly expressive material quality, inspired by sheet metal rusted and corroded by time. The element presented is the 60X60 floor covering, in the Metal Steel shade, shimmering glazes with a contemporary flavour, along with the luminous beauty of the Dust collection and the warm, comfortable style of Corten.

The London series, porcelain stoneware with a metropolitan flavour that captures the essence of hand-made brick, bringing a new twist with uneven glazes, shaded and multi-coloured surfaces for a timeless allure. The series, which belongs to the Brick Generation project, is presented here in the Brown shade, in the classic 13x25 and 6x25 sizes and in the 30.5x60.5 size.

The Amarcord series , a perfect blend of cotto and wood with an appearance reminiscent of cement and ideal for creating warm, comfortable environments, is presented in the 80x80 size, in the waxed version of the delicate yet striking Tortora shade, the perfect partner for the wall coverings in the colours Sand and White from the Tribeca series, a Brick Generation collection with an industrial chic flavour that pays homage to one of the most picturesque districts in Milan.

The Ceramica Rondine showcase is also joined by the Bristol series, porcelain stoneware inspired by the atmosphere of the post-industrial English city, with a retro flavour and a striking material impact, ideal for lovers of vintage style and re-design. The series is available in a wide range of colours, reminiscent of the shades of nature and the earth that are right in line with current trends, in the classic 6x25 Brick Generation size and the new 34x34 and 17x34 sizes.

Representative of the very latest design trends is the Galaxy series, a new interpretation of limestone cement. Rough and uneven, with a striking material appeal, this coloured-body porcelain stoneware boasts sophisticated textures with shapes that recall organic and fossil elements, creating a surprisingly simple, elegant overall effect. The series has been created in the colours Cream, Sand, Olive, Grey and Dark, in the 30.5x60.5 size and the rectified 30x60 and 60x60 sizes and the 20 mm thickened 45x90 size.

Unicera would not be complete without the wood-like Hard & Soft series, which recreates the effect of living, time-worn wood on porcelain stoneware, thanks to advanced digital technologies. The series is available in the sizes 15x61 and 15x100 and in the innovative 20 mm thickened 45x90 size, with a range of colours that mimic the various types of wood.

Ceramica Rondine looks forward to seeing you at Unicera 2016

23 - 27 February 2016 - Seramiksan Stand - Istanbul


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