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A Guide
to Style

News, tips on style and interesting ideas from the world of ceramics

Kitchen floors: new ideas and inspirations

The kitchen has always been used as a place for gathering together and sharing experiences. For the kitchen area, a key part of any home, ceramic flooring is the functional and decorative element that completes the interior design through continually renewed inspirations.  

Reliable and resistant for surfaces in every corner of the home, porcelain stoneware enriches the style of the kitchen, ensuring hygiene, elegance and beauty in this space for everyday living. Rondine has chosen for this environment the material qualities of cement, the naturalness of wood-effect, as well the refined beauty of oxidised metals.

The goal: to make the kitchen an ever more personalised and attractive space thanks to sizes and effects that make it possible to compose the floor design with complete freedom in the installation.

The industrial-style kitchen

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