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Interview with the designer of some of our collections

Interview with the designer of some of our collections

How did you start your experience in Ceramica Rondine?

I started my adventure in Rondine a few years ago, I tried since the beginning to bring creative ideas and new material solutions in the production context ... mine is a research and innovation job ... and doing it for this company makes me honored!

How is a new collection made?

The inputs can be different: commercial and market requests to meet specific customer needs. Or the desire to reinterpret existing series trying to improve their performance, to make them more versatile and with more natural styles and nuances. Finally, there may be a need to present new series in the catalog for a constant renewal.

What are the planning stages?

First of all we do a careful and precise research of the materials. Then we start with the creation and processing of graphic files that represent our product idea. Finally, the material, both superficial and structural, is researched to finalize the project.

What factors / elements do you draw inspiration from?

I look beyond the world of Ceramics. Social, art and fashion trends to transform them into ever new inspirations for home design. The world of craftsmanship with its creativity and innovations is one of the main sources of inspiration. Even nature with its nuances, its colors and the harmony of the materials stimulate my creativity. Without forgetting, of course, all the commercial inputs and all the incentives from trade fairs and sector magazines.

How do you interpret fashions and trends regarding home design?

My goal is to make a functional, creative and recognizable product, whatever the client is. Everything must be as natural as possible, versatile and innovative. The color range must interpret the mood of the market, that's why I develop a trendy, wide and refined gamut for each collection.

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