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Stoneware in the guise of metropolitan Brick fa├žades

Ceramica Rondine has designed and developed a new ceramic floor and wall collection, called Brick Generation.
The project recalls the look of the walls in open brickwork typical of a number of cities worldwide, with a hand-crafted feel that reflects the industrial development of cities such as London, New York and Bristol. In the liveliest districts of these cities, the reddish brick surfaces remain the clearest expression of the lively artistic and cultural scene of places with a story to tell. A story Ceramica Rondine brings into the home, thanks to collections that can be used for both floors and walls.

Brick Generation Catalogue


The Brick Generation project gains a new element, inspired by the production of hand-made bricks fired in a furnace in London. Back in the early 20th century, the surfaces were shaded, with a variety of colours.
The appeal of traditional craftsmanship techniques, with the imperfections in the glazes - as a result of unstable temperatures - reflected in a porcelain stoneware with a genuine character, obtained using leading-edge ceramic technologies.

London is a tile ready to enliven the floors and walls of the home with an original urban, metropolitan allure. 
It comes in 3 sizes - - 6x25, 13x25 and 30.5x60.5 - in a colour range featuring earthy shades: multicolor, sunset, beige, charcoal, fog and the new brown, obtained by mixing black, cream and brown.




The new collection set to enhance the Brick Generation project pays homage to one of the liveliest, most exclusive neighbourhoods in the Big Apple: Tribeca. The redevelopment of this area in Manhattan began around the 1970s, when an authentic artistic and cultural renaissance made its way through the buildings of this largely financial district. Today Tribeca is very much an “in” residential area, given a genuine air thanks to the cobbled streets and industrial-style loft apartments. The facades are the same ones you’ll find on the new collection by Ceramica Rondine.
The Tribeca ceramic tiles feature the colours and surfaces typical of painted brick. These tiles, available in a wide range of colours - sand, white, old red, mud, multicolor and grey – are the perfect partner for Amarcord, the Ceramica Rondine solution that combines the beauty of cotto with the allure of wood.



Pietre di Fiume

This project is totally unique to Ceramica Rondine, a new concept for the use of materials that was brought about by the painstaking studies carried out by the R&D department in collaboration with the group's laboratories. This collection faithfully interprets natural stone and its typical textures.
The mimetic result is obtained by a highly innovative process: a technology - tile detector - photographs the exact surface to be reproduced and sends the exact graphic scan to the digital machine. The final ceramic product is incredibly faithful to the original and perfectly imitates the look and feel of assorted, naturally ideal river stones.
The Stones collection is made in 10 variations measuring 13x25 with 230 different graphics, and is available in the shades multicolour, cream, white and black.


The cosmopolitan air of Bristol, with a wealth of traces of the city’s post-industrial heritage, is reflected in the brand-new surface crafted by Ceramica Rondine, inspired by the typical brick facades found there. The allure, feel and urban spirit of bricks springs back to life in this porcelain stoneware, evident in which is the strongly contemporary nature of the vibrant neighbourhoods that make up this English city. The vintage reflections take possession of the walls, filling the home with a sophisticated new mood enhanced with retro details, reproducing the effect of hollow ceiling tiles and small brick surfaces. Leading-edge ceramic technology goes into crafting 20 surfaces that offer an accurate reproduction of the shades of brick, thus breathing life into a new material generation: the Brick Generation. The innovative focus of this collection is not limited to the perfect reproduction of the appearance of industrial brickwork, but is also evident in the variety of ways in which it can be used: it is ideal for both floors and walls. Not only the classic 6x25 size, but also the new 34x34, 17x34, 60.5x60.5 and 60x60 rectified sizes make it possible to create stylish brickwork surfaces on both floors and walls, indoors and out.


New York

The atmosphere of the Big Apple and the alluringly raw details that distinguish the most characteristic neighbourhoods of New York all spring to life within the walls of the home, thanks to a collection that takes a trip through the colours of a metropolis that is an icon of industrial chic. 
Classic colours - white, almond, black and grey – make for a fresh, stylishly contemporary look, thanks to a ceramic surface that renders a chalky, matt effect able to emulate the elegant facades of Brooklyn Heights, or one of the classiest brownstone neighbourhoods of the Upper East Side.
And it is thanks to the effort invested in research and development, geared towards defining a new glaze with a striking material impact, an authentic concentrate of technology, that the metropolitan look takes possession of the walls in the 6x25 size.




Sophisticated and romantic, the new collection by Ceramica Rondine takes its inspiration from the atmosphere of the world’s most famous Lagoon, the jewel in Italy’s crown, a city that has been home to a lively artistic and urban lifestyle for centuries. Venice offers a fascinating take on industrial brickwork, bringing an original, contemporary twist. The 6x25 brick tile comes in elegant new colours that are the fruit of unprecedented research.
The colour palette - silver, copper and gold – is the end result of a technological process developed by Ceramica Rondine’s R&D laboratory. The hallmark feature of the Venice collection is the unique type of body, which differs from the traditional process, using only stoneware powder, in that a percentage of glass is added. Because it melts and compacts at lower temperatures than classic stoneware, this mix makes it possible to obtain beautifully exclusive glazes that preserve the resistance of the tile. The elegance of this singular manufacturing process combines effectively with the distinctive features and technical characteristics of stoneware, resulting in a ceramic product with a striking appearance and such impressive resistance that it can be used on floors.