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3D Effect

Ceramica Rondine 3D wall coverings make the ideal choice for creating attractively modern and contemporary relief patterns. Furnish your space with a uniquely trendy collection of 3-dimensional ceramic tiles.

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3D Effect Cubics by Ceramica Rondine


The new Cubics covering reproduces on porcelain stoneware stone cubics on three levels that create different percepti...

3D Effect Gioia by Ceramica Rondine


With Gioia 3D wall, the marble effect continues to amaze with its veins faithfully reproduced in a three-dimensional ...

3D Effect Inwood 3d by Ceramica Rondine

inwood 3d

The 15x61 cm format of Inwood 3D can be used to add a whole new layer of style and movement to your walls, thanks to ...

3D Effect Lyon 3d by Ceramica Rondine

lyon 3d

The "Lyon" series freely inspired by a French stone is deconstructed here in a new three-dimensional projec...

3D Effect Palissandro 3d by Ceramica Rondine

palissandro 3d

Scenic, suggestive, of great visual impact: it is Palissandro 3D Wall.
Bold and surprising, the 3D becomes a real st...

3D Effect Quarzi 3d by Ceramica Rondine

quarzi 3d

The solid appeal of quartzite combined with the unsurpassed technical resistance of porcelain stoneware, is now also ...

3D Effect Tiffany by Ceramica Rondine


Classic, timeless, trendy. We won’t ever end praising the marble, one of the most sophisticated material in the...

3D Effect Wall art by Ceramica Rondine

wall art

Spectacular and captivating.
That is the only way to describe our Wall Art, characterised by small wooden cubes on w...