Environment and Quality

Ceramica Rondine is a leader in the manufacture of ceramic tiles and has always performed its work responsibly, with respect for the environment and for the protection of its workers' health and safety. It is unthinkable for us to talk about growth and development without considering the issues of protection and care for the environment, which represent a fundamental reference value for us in doing business and a strategic company management variable.
Indeed, Ceramica Rondine applies and updates a systematic performance check, measurement and monitoring process for the Health, Safety and Environment system, which enables it to review the management status and apply the suitable corrective and preventive actions to overcome any weaknesses and critical points identified. The application of an Environmental Management System in compliance with standard ISO 14001 and the Integrated Environmental Authorisation obtained are just some examples of the ways in which we show our commitment to contributing to Sustainable Development.

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Environmental Certifications


EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a voluntary initiative created by the EU, which companies can participate in voluntarily, to assess and improve their environmental performance, and provide the public and other relevant parties with information on their environmental management practices. The main priority of EMAS is to contribute to the implementation of sustainable economic development, highlighting the roles and responsibilities of companies.

The aim of EMAS is to encourage an ongoing improvement in environmental performance in companies, also through:

  • introduction and implementation of an environmental management system by companies;
  • information on environmental performance and open discussion with the public and other relevant parties, also through the publication of an environmental declaration.

The environmental management system stipulated by the EMAS standard is based on the ISO 14001:2004 standard, which outlines all the requirements. On the other hand, open discussion with the public is pursued by stipulating that organisations publish (or keep updated) an Environmental Declaration which outlines key details and information about the company, with regard to environmental aspects and impact.

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UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

The ISO 14000 acronym outlines a series of international standards relating to the environmental management system in companies.
ISO 14001 identifies one of these standards, which sets out the requirements of an environmental management system. The ISO 14001 standard gives accredited certification to organisations which operate according to certain rules. Having ISO 14001 is not compulsory, but it is the result of a conscious choice made by the Rondine Group, which decided to establish, implement, maintain and improve its own environmental management system.
ISO 14001 certification demonstrates that the factory has a management system suited to keeping the environmental impact of its activities under control, and systematically strives for improvement in a consistent, effective and, most of all, sustainable fashion.
More info www.uni.com e www.iso.org


Rondine Group Italy is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, an independent body that aims to develop a culture of sustainable construction and, in particular, the promotion of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system.
Rondine Group products contain at least 40% recycled raw material and allow their users to benefit from LEED credits.
More info www.gbcitalia.org.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Research and development, production, promotion, sale and customer service, of porcelain stoneware for walls and floors coverings.
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Product Certifications

RONDINE - CE 001CPR2013-07-14

Ceramica Rondine has fulfilled all its obligations for the application of EC marking to its dry-pressed ceramic tiles for interior and exterior floors and walls.
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VOC certification is a system that measures the quantity of volatile organic compounds released by a product and labels it based on a series of classes, ranged between A+, the best class, and C, the worst class. Ceramica Rondine products do not release into the atmosphere any substances that are harmful to humans.


I prodotti di Ceramica Rondine. sono conformi alle specifiche richieste per l’ottenimento del certificato cinese obbligatorio, comunemente noto come marchio CCC (acronimo dell’inglese China Compulsory Certificate).
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Ceramica Rondine, with a view to facilitating deliveries to the United States, has adhered to the guidelines of the Good Phytosanitary Practices programme of the Certiquality Inspection Body. This is a specific, relevant move that places Ceramica Rondine on the Register of Qualified Companies, and is an important step towards improving deliveries towards the USA and the timescales required.


Following a positive evaluation by the French CSTB, Rondine S.p.A. it has become part of the UPEC tile producers (certificate n ° 825-0.0 / 18).
This brand constitutes a recognition of excellence in quality, concerning both the finished product and the entire production unit in which it is produced.
The list of certified products is visible at the following link and will be continuously updated: