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The beautifully traditional Chevron shape springs back to life thanks to Ceramica Rondine

The 7.5x40.7 size pressed tile from the Rubiera company is unrivalled on the entire Italian ceramics market.
Also known as “Point de Hongrie” – literally, Hungarian stitch –, this splendid shape is used to create a herringbone laying pattern that brings a hypnotic, alluring intarsia effect to floors and walls.

Chevron Layout Calculator

Chevron Layout Calculator

Input room width in cm
(min 175 cm)

Min value 175 cm

Input room length in cm
(min 135 cm)

Min value 135 cm

Grout Joint width in mm

Min value 1mm, max 5mm
PLease fill in all fields


  • Number of Chevron modules:
  • Distance between wall and Chevron carpet in cm:
  • Square metres Format 7,5x45:
  • Square metres Chevron Format 7,5x40,7:
    76677 ( 2 colli)

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Installation and Maintenance

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