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Kitchen tiles

Open your kitchen doors to style and functionality with the Ceramica Rondine porcelain stoneware collections, ideal for wall and floor coverings in the most convivial and dynamic room in the home. Our kitchen ceramic tile collections for floors and walls are the perfect blend of creativity and design.

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Kitchen tiles Aspen by Ceramica Rondine


The new wood-effect collection, Aspen, is inspired by Alder wood, a very resistant wood.
The axes obtained, not part...

Kitchen tiles Bricola by Ceramica Rondine


The new Ceramica Rondine collection takes its inspiration from the dream-like, charming beauty of the Venetian lagoon...

Kitchen tiles Cubics by Ceramica Rondine


The new Cubics covering reproduces on porcelain stoneware stone cubics on three levels that create different percepti...

Kitchen tiles Denim by Ceramica Rondine


With the Denim collection, porcelain stoneware takes a leap into the world of fashion.

The new series of tiles tak...

Kitchen tiles Ever by Ceramica Rondine


This range reproduces the various blemishes that form on the surface of wood over time. Ever: the rustic wood design ...

Kitchen tiles Gioia by Ceramica Rondine


With Gioia 3D wall, the marble effect continues to amaze with its veins faithfully reproduced in a three-dimensional ...

Kitchen tiles Greenwood by Ceramica Rondine


All the style of oak wood meets the versatility of porcelain stoneware in the new Greenwood collection by Ceramica Ro...

Kitchen tiles Industrial colorchic by Ceramica Rondine

industrial colorchic

Cement and color: this is the combination that gives rise to a collection that will leave you astonished by the possi...