Give a bold, fresh new character to kitchens

Using Brick Generation products on walls or floors can give a bold, fresh new character to kitchens. The flexible range by Ceramica Rondine can cater to the most varied and sophisticated tastes, covering everything from classic, country and Provence-style design schemes to more modern solutions.

The old Bricks combine roots in the past with a youthful feel that reflects contemporary tastes

Ideal for breathing new life into old settings, covering a fireplace or acting as a decorative feature on the walls, it opens up all sorts of possibilities in living areas.

Solutions of this kind are invaluable because they adorn homes more effectively than any item of furniture could

These products recreate the surface and feel of real brickwork astonishingly well. They are just 10 mm thick but they offer all of the enchanting essence of bricks thanks to the unprecedented roughness of the materials and the broad colour selection.