A successful history

1961 was a year of epoch-making changes, part of a period in history characterized by particular economic, cultural and social élan. On 20 January 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President of the USA. On 12 April 1961 the astronaut Jurij Gagarin was the first human being to journey into outer space. Rondine S.p.A. was founded in the summer of the same year, and soon took root in an area between Reggio Emilia and Modena. Rondine S.p.A. today is one of the most flourishing industrial groups in the sector.
A trip through the first 50 years of the company’s history is more than just a way to celebrate the results achieved; it is also an opportunity to take stock, a useful way to look towards the future, towards new challenges, new targets.
The enthusiasm of the early days has remained unchanged; indeed it has gone from strength to strength, together with the company’s results. These results are giving us the vitality to move on, without ever resting on our laurels.
New products, innovative technologies, research and development, quality, design and respect for the environment: these are the values that have guided Rondine through this first half century of history, and that continue to show us the road ahead, both today and tomorrow.

The stages of growth


1961 saw the foundation of Rondine S.p.A., the core that grew into today’s leading industrial Group in the production of porcelain stoneware tiles for floors, walls and skirtings.


1997 marked a watershed, with the entry into the Group of the current management team, bringing a fresh injection of energy into business, production and management.


September 2001 saw the inauguration of the porcelain stoneware manufacturing plant in Rubiera. Renewed throughout and featuring cuttingedge technology.


May 2005 saw the acquisition of SprayDry, a Sassuolo company that produces porcelain stoneware bodies, thus allowing Rondine to make a major leap forward in terms of quality by covering the full tile production cycle in its own plants.


During 2006 the private equity company PROGRESSIO SGR joins Rondine Group becoming a new shareholder. In the same year digital technology made its debut in Rondine Group.


Sadon, a leading company in the production of porcelain stoneware skirting and small-size tiles, joined the Group in 2010, marking a further important turning point in the history of Rondine Group.


New shareholding structure in December 2011. Lauro Giacobazzi and family, and the private equity fund PROGRESSIO SGR, already the main shareholders, purchases 100% of the shares of Rondine S.p.a.


In June 2013, the private equity fund PROGRESSIO SGR transferred its shares to Seramiksan, one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in Turkey. The company boasts a long industrial tradition, deeply rooted in the Turgutlu-Manisa area, just 50 km from Izmir. 


In January 2015, significant investments were made, with the extension of a production facility, new lines for handling large sizes, automatic sorting lines and latest-generation packing lines.


The Rubiera factory (Reggio Emilia) is equipped with the latest generation systems for producing porcelain stoneware, with a production capacity of 4.5 million square metres of wall and floor coverings. The complete cycle is highly technological, flexible, and has a low impact on the environment. The site has adopted measures for the reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and environmental monitoring, in accordance with stipulated regulations.

At the Vetto factory (Reggio Emilia), which was the original Sadon production site, the longstanding production of tiled skirting has been maintained, in its various types and formats. A choice which was backed up by technological investment, which made it possible to keep an important part of the Group’s production activity in this mountain area. This enabled 90 specialist employees to maintain links with the area they come from. On these sites more than 3 million square metres of flooring, wall covering, and tiled skirting in porcelain stoneware are produced annually.

The processing cycle starts at Spray Dry, one of the Group’s companies. This autonomy ensures ongoing quality control at any point during processing. Spray Dry is the mot significant production department of atomised powder for porcelain stoneware in the entire ceramic district of Sassuolo. The site has 4 granulators and 3 sprayers, with an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons of atomised powder, and has 27 employees.

Research and Development

Thanks to the use of the latest advanced technology, and the development of significant in-house design knowledge, the Rondine Group provides quality all over the world.

Production processes

Rondine Group realizza all’interno dei propri stabilimenti tutte le fasi del processo produttivo. The Rondine Group implements all phases of the production process on their own sites.
This autonomy ensures ongoing quality control at any point during processing.

The systems enable the production of 12 flooring and wall covering formats: 60x60, 60x30, 60x15, 30x30, 30x15, 15x15, 45x45, 45x15, 36x36, 36x18, 18x18, 34x34 and 4 tiled skirting formats: 8x33.3, 8x40, 8x45, 6x45.


At the two sites in Rubiera and Vetto, the company has a radiofrequency system (WMS) for the control and management of warehouse goods handling. Detailed mapping enables the quick tracing of individual reference numbers, reducing preparation times, and eliminating selection and loading errors, with excellent results in terms of customer service and delivery times.

Made in Italy: A natural passion

It is the factories situated in the local area which are at the basis of creativity, taste, design, ideas and continual aesthetic development. This takes shape in the creation of designer collections from the Rondine Group brands which stand out for their MADE IN ITALY authenticity.

Creative solutions for the pleasure of choosing
Creative solutions for ceramic floor and wall coverings are expressed with the elegance of the most refined marbles, the age-old charm of stone, the natural warmth of wood, the material appearance of terracotta, the seduction of the sophisticated nuance of colour, and the touch of rough or smooth surfaces.

A wide choice to suit all requirements
Rondine Group’s porcelain stoneware collections offer an extensive range of opportunity for choosing and finding the most suitable material, for all internal and external environments. These collections are enriched with original, exquisite decoration, and come in a wide range of formats, ideal for anyone looking for the most suitable classic and modern design solutions, for living areas or business environments.