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UPEC Certification: Ceramica Rondine

UPEC Certification: Ceramica Rondine

In 2018, Rondine obtained UPEC Certification for its Amarcord, Volcano, Greenwood, Pietre di Fiume and Living collections. This quality mark is issued by the French institute CSTB, which certifies that flooring is appropriate for specific uses. 

The Rondine surfaces were subjected to specific tests and assessed in terms of performance and technical characteristics with regard to four fundamental stress indicators: resistance to wear (u), puncturing (p), water (e) and chemicals (c)

The high scores obtained thanks to the excellent resistance of Rondine floors certify it as a premium-choice product for use in residential and commercial environments.

To consult the updates on UPEC certificates for Rondine collections, visit the website.

Rondine flies to Coverings 2019

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Ready for Cevisama 2019

From 28 January to 1 February, we’ll be at the 2019 edition of Cevisama, the Spanish trade fair dedicated to the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing sector. Once again, Valencia ...

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