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renaissance wood effect porcelain tiles

Renaissance represents the rebirth of the wood effect in porcelain stoneware.

The “Gres forest” extends its range with Renaissance: a new collection that embodies the union of a plant tissue with the reflective capacity of metal.

Thanks to this mix, we create light effects and reflections, that liven up this material.

Renaissance has six colours, which develop in a chromatic scale that varies from White to Nut.

Moreover, this line has also more particular and unusual colors, like Azul and Green, that create a modern wood effect, realizing stylish environments.

The new plank in 24x150, made in 25 different patterns per color, is combined with a herringbone mosaic and creates unique details and styles.

Renaissance is perfect as a covering of living surfaces but it can be also used for the creation of well-designed public spaces.

Available formats

8,5 mm
9 1/2"x60"