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tuscany terracotta effect floors

Tuscany, terracotta floor tiles that fit into the most consolidated Italian tradition, was inspired by the recovery of an ancient flooring of a Florentine residence of the 1400s.
Adapting perfectly to both a classic and contemporary style, thanks to the traditional "cotto" structure combined with modern and trendy colors, the 20.3x40.6 and the new 40.6x40.6 cm size tiles manage to interpret the taste of an ever-wider audience. Ideal also for those who want to recreate an exquisitely country-like atmosphere for their own commercial spaces, without obviously giving up the practicality and comfort of porcelain stoneware, it is produced in two different structures: one softer and lighter for the interiors and the other more rough and deep for the outdoors.
The colors for the exterior (Brunello, Chianti e Vernaccia) have a greater shading and more intense hues, which give the product a worn appearance, typical of exposure to weathering. This allows you to lay the same colors used inside, maintaining a perfect color continuity ,or to play with creativity giving birth to pleasing contrasts that bring character to the entire house.

Available formats

9 mm