Crazy Drivers Rock’n’Roll Grill - Varedo

The appeal of the Brick Generation has now won over lovers of rock and the fabulous Fifties.

Just take a look at Crazy Drivers, the long-established eatery in Brianza, whose glam, perfectly detailed style just got a makeover with the Umber element from the Bristol series, which brings all the allure of the classic 6x25 brick to the walls of the premises.

The warm, earthy shades of Umber blend seamlessly with the spirit and the furnishings of the surroundings, making the new-look Crazy Drivers Rock’ N’ Roll Grill in Varedo more inviting and appealing than ever.

Here the area is thick with the charm of the golden years of rock and blues, thanks to the Gibsons and Fender Stratocasters that adorn the walls, tiled with the Bristol collection to help recreate a big-city atmosphere.