Devlin’s Bar

Customers breathe the typical atmosphere of an early last century gentlemen’s bar once crossed the door threshold of  “Devlin’s Bar” in the city of  Armagh, Northern Ireland - United Kingdom.

The property of the premises has chosen for the renovation of the bar area Rondine wood effect series Greenwood in 7.5x45 cm format laid in the traditional “herring bone” effect, a design solution that perfectly marries and blends in with the typical traditionally Irish environment of the place made of chesterfield style armchairs, an iron casted stow placed in the clay bricked fire place and liberty stile floral shaped glass lights in the ceiling.

Designer in charge for the project has been Wayne Martin of Wayne Martin Design Studio, Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, specialized in renovations of commercial places such as: restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Arma Tile Ltd. based in Armagh has supplied the Rondine Greenwood 7.5x45 tiles to the project.