When we visit a restaurant, our attention is very often focused on the dishes served.
However, the choice of furnishings and design are also of fundamental importance, because they help create a positive impression and an appealing atmosphere. This also applies to the floor coverings.

The Mr Brown restaurant and wine bar in Verano Brianza is well aware of this, and for the entrance to the toilets and the toilets themselves, the choice fell to our Rust collection, in the 60x60 rectified size, in the shade “Coal”.

The coloured-body porcelain stoneware helps to give the setting a distinctive, decidedly industrial look, and is the perfect complement to the simple, contemporary furnishings. Inspired by rusted sheet metal, corroded over the years, Rust embodies all the distinctive charm of time-worn material, teaming style with the technical qualities of stoneware: waterproof, resistant to chemicals and tread, easy to lay and maintain and frostproof.

Our retailer: Comsa, in Verano Brianza (MB)