P di Pane baker’s in Castelfranco Emilia

The P di Pane baker’s in Castelfranco Emilia has been skilfully restyled throughout by the architect Alessandro Tarantino, in collaboration with Studio Atelier of the interior designer Andrea Pignatti and Graphic Designer Crea Studio Grafico.
This interesting restyling project has given a whole new look to the shop, with a decidedly contemporary approach and an appeal reminiscent of international bakery shops.

This sophisticated, inviting setting features coverings from the latest Ceramica Rondine project, Brick Generation, inspired by the classic open brickwork we find on the facades of the most characteristic, representative buildings of cities such as New York, London and Bristol. The superb tactile appeal and earthy colours of the surfaces are reminiscent of the bricks crafted by skilful hands, which today’s ceramic technology allows us to reproduce so faithfully and authentically.