Private home in Rosenheim

The urban spirit of the Brick Generation project, in a private home in the north of Bavaria.
The walls are tiled with the London collection, in the colour charcoal, a porcelain stoneware that shimmers its way from white through dusty grey to black.

The classic 6x25 brick tiles break up the monotony of masonry surfaces, embellishing the living area with a vertical insert opposite the sofa that brings an appealing metropolitan slant. In addition to this classic size, London also offers 13x25 and 30.5x60.5 solutions.

The owners of this home in Rosenheim have replaced ordinary shelves with pallets, an original choice that boosts the material appeal of the two elements.
The aged wood provides the perfect complement to the imperfections of the glazes and the shaded surfaces of the brick, and the allure of vintage brick is enhanced by the pallet element.