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Stoneware in its natural habitat. The wood effect.

Stoneware in its natural habitat. The wood effect.

The pursuit of a living dimension closer to nature – with its colours, its most charming features, the delightfully sculpted beauty of its landscapes – provides fresh, original inspiration for every area of the home.
The smooth, graceful lines, the soft shades and colours of the earth, with sage, clay and mud, carve out a leading role for themselves in the choice of interior design elements, such as gracefully contoured bathroom fittings and delicate washbasins inspired by the movement of the waves, or sofas and armchairs in earthy nuances.

The natural habitat, however, is not represented only as a furnishing element in the home, and we also find it faithfully and originally reproduced on floors and walls.
The in-depth technological research carried out by the Italian ceramics industry allows us to design and develop highly realistic photographic and morphological samples of materials present in nature, above all wood, one of the very oldest construction surfaces, with a multitude of uses in building: just think of its structural, decorative or insulating properties. Today, this element has acquired a new form of expression: the faithful, extremely detailed interpretation of itself.
With porcelain stoneware, the veins, gnarls and feel of wood are feature on fine wood paneling effects reminiscent of traditional woodcraft, and ceramics offer the major advantage of satisfying one of the latest trends in interior design: the desire to create continuity between the various areas of the home. If the kitchen merges smoothly into the sitting room, then the bathroom should also feature furnishing elements coherent with those of the living area and bedroom.
From this point of view, a ceramic surface that mimics the appearance of wood is the best possible choice, because not only does it guarantee an elegant effect, but also offers all the advantages of a hard wearing, practical material like porcelain stoneware.
Ceramica Rondine has designed and developed numerous collections that recall the naturally dynamic appearance of wood, with different styles able to satisfy different tastes.


The country allure of an inviting mountain chalet

Salvage and its innovative metre-long, aged-look tiles breath new life into floors, offering incredibly realistic effects, with 24 different graphic solutions.
The stave tiles are impregnated with the effects of time, creating the inviting atmosphere of a mountain chalet or a country farmhouse.
The slabs look as if they were crafted by skillful hands, while the colours and textures testify to the effects of sunlight and exposure to the elements.
This is a collection that evokes the woody aroma and cheerful, convivial chatter of the British pub, creating an exceptionally warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The discreet appeal of Nordic style

With Visual Ceramica Rondine recreates Nordic style, perfect for settings furnished with simple elegance, generally characterised by linear elements, vintage design pieces, plenty of light and a clear focus on nature.
With this wood-effect stoneware, the vibrant atmospheres of the North create a fresh, youthful, exclusive style that starts out from the floor.
The home thus takes on a vintage, fairytale allure, with a wealth of elements in natural wood, enhanced with retro details, touches of colour or fun elements such as the chalkboard wall.
All this comes together to create a uniquely perfect dialogue with the nuances of the tiles in the Visual collection, which range from cream to sand, delicate shades that amplify the perception of space and create an incredibly sophisticated look.


Ceramica Rondine takes you through a FOREST OF STONEWARE

The wood-effect solutions bring a whole new material concept to life in FORESTA DI GRES, the innovative, eco-sustainable project by Ceramica Rondine, featuring a mix of collections with strikingly appealing textures.
The veining of wood warms the walls of the home with a distinctive allure evocative of the warmth of American walnut, the appeal of time-worn material or the simple, subtle elegance of ceramic parquet flooring, creating a new, strikingly contemporary living concept.