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ever ceramic tiles

This range reproduces the various blemishes that form on the surface of wood over time. Ever: the rustic wood design of this collection stands out from the rest due to the great amount of attention paid to the skilful combination of details, to resemble an old wooden table or old log.

The natural shades of Ever evoke warm earthy colours, for a truly authentic look. The nuances and tones created by this blend of vein markings and knots make this range very unusual, to the extent that it is suited to both modern settings, such as a New York loft, and to more classic ambiances.

Five colours available: Brown, Olive, Oak, Greige e Fog Size available: 30x120, 20x120, Mosaico Trapezi 30x30, Spina Grey - Spina Beige 31,6x30 and Ethnic 20x20 cm.

Available formats

9,5 mm
8,5 mm