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jungle Parquet effect porcelain stoneware

Take a trip off to faraway lands with the Jungle collection…

Unspoilt places where the explosive beauty of nature captures the spirit.…

Energy, enthusiasm and emotion: these are the concepts that sum up this series, available in six different colours, from ultra-traditional to bang up to date, such as “mud”,”light grey” or “white”, perfect for young, trendy homes and settings.

This extremely versatile, innovative new product is set to become a part of our urban culture, adding a uniquely magical touch everywhere it goes, in perfect harmony with nature.

The collection is completed by two decorative options: a younger, funkier version, in line with the spirit of the collection, featuring a series of postage stamps on a large 15x61 listel tile, evoking faraway travels and a classier, more sophisticated mosaic design that mixes warm and cool shades, enhanced with gorgeous golden inlay details. Both can be used on floors and walls. Perfectly coordinated step and skirting tiles give superb added value to the collection. 

Available formats

9 mm