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Back to the Stone Age

Back to the Stone Age

The essentiality of nature is the true guiding thread of 2019 design trends, and the material charm of stone is the best expression of the renewed desire for naturalness that invades both indoor and outdoor living spaces.


And our new collection of porcelain stoneware refers precisely to the natural essence of stone, inspired by the world of quarries from which it takes its name: Le Cave.

The extraordinary scenario of Italian quarries is celebrated here in a project that re-proposes the traditional appearance of natural stone in a modern key, enhanced by the technological potential of porcelain stoneware, a guarantee of durability and easy maintenance, for a collection whose natural laying setting is open-air.

In a range of unique colours, shades and textured melanges, the Le Cave series enhances highly functional surfaces, bringing the eternal elegance that is typical of natural stone to outdoor spaces.

The new Rondine collection is thus the perfect synthesis between nature and technology, between taste and practicality, bringing out the best in the series in outdoor residential spaces as well as urban areas such as squares, staircases and walkways.


The Le Cave series recreates the typical grain and durability of natural stone for surfaces that are constantly exposed to humidity, sunlight and mechanical stress, ensuring a higher performance in the long-term thanks to the ability of the stoneware to resist atmospheric agents and differences in temperature, without harming the aesthetic quality of the stone effect.

Thanks to the innovative h20 laying system, the versatility of the sizes and colours available, - including beige, grey, graphite - Le Cave can be used to customise outdoor surfaces, where technology and aesthetic finish blend to create a timeless design.

Discover the Le Cave collection at Cersaie 2019