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Ceramics made in Italy, towards new frontiers

Ceramics made in Italy, towards new frontiers

Warm, soft and sophisticated colours, inspirations that follow and reproduce all the most contemporary architecture and interior design trends: the expressive potential of ceramics has made huge progress.
Today this material knows no limits, its future is brought to life in research and development centres, where it is invested with new and unique aesthetic potential. Here technological innovation translated into high-impact, sensations of matter.
The matter found in nature is investigated with sophisticated rigour, and translated into surfaces that are so true to the original that they reproduce the knots of the most precious woods, the colours of ancient stone and the grain of exclusive marble. Porcelain stoneware undergoes a metamorphosis, allowing us to lay floors that comply with the latest trends, without compromising on the technical characteristics of functional tiling, able to withstand the stress of foot traffic and weather without damage or deterioration.
The flooring solutions available come in a rich, kaleidoscopic range of ideas and stimuli, not limiting itself merely to the reproduction of textures, decorations and colours but including shapes, cuts and sizes that once were unthinkable.


Come home and find yourself in the heart of a forest

With the Foresta di Gres project, Ceramica Rondine transforms tiles into parquet that speaks a natural language, reflecting the signs of time on the ceramics. Planks, listels and strip tiles tell of the effects of the sun on the surface, tracing the signs of wear to bring authentic matter into the home, living the tactile sensations and warming rooms with the strength and beauty of wood.
The collections in this project do not merely faithfully represent and offer the tactile power of tree bark, but blend this with the reliable strength of stoneware.
All in a 100% eco-sustainable way: Ceramica Rondine takes you to a forest with no trees to chop down.

When innovation measures 2 cm, thickness makes all the difference

Let us imagine a practical, easy and fast system for creating a ready to go floor for our garden or balcony, without the need for complicated laying or labour. With the innovative 2 cm thick load-bearing system, Ceramica Rondine meets the needs of those looking for practicality and appearance in outdoor flooring.
The tiles can be laid dry on gravel or grass and no specific technical knowledge or expertise is required. The proposed size is 60x60 cm – in the Class collection, a tile offering the rich and complex world of natural stone and marble – or the brand new 45x90 cm of Hard&Soft, the collection that brings the natural grains of wood.


See the urban spirit for yourself

This is Brick Generation, the new Ceramica Rondine project investigating the aesthetic and contemporary coordinates of the façades found typically in large metropolises, the vibrant, rich and culturally stimulating districts renowned for their typical brick buildings, in size 6x25 cm. Three collections - Bristol, New York, Venice - used to tile a wall in the home, create a backdrop, creating a sophisticated mood rich in vintage sensations that only the hollow clay bricks and brick surfaces can reproduce.
The echoes of work sites, the industrial spirit of the continuously transforming city brought into the home, not only for the walls but the floors too.