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Home Working

Home Working

The number of people who work from home continues to increase, with smartphones and cloud servers we can be connected to the office regardless of our position. Each activity, managed from home, therefore requires a sort of dedicated workspace, although not an office in its traditional sense.

Workspace options range from a corner of the house to a dedicated room. This will depend on the size of your home and available rooms, the type of business you are managing and the other occupants of the building. Obviously, those who live alone have different options than those who have a large family.

An extra bedroom is the most popular choice for almost all types of home business. Here you can create the complete office experience, using all the space you need. Furthermore, since it is a dedicated workspace, it is possible to furnish it as you prefer starting from the choice of the floor.

Among the many solutions offered by Ceramica Rondine, if you are looking for elegance and a glamorous style choose Concrete collection, our concrete effect stoneware: a very trendy product, elegant and easy to clean. For a touch of originality and uniqueness, enrich your room with the Solid series: suggestive shades capable of adapting to any solution, interpreting the traditional aspect of majolica, taking up its typical solid colors. Or if you are looking for a quick installation without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality, the Skyline series with the innovative 6 mm thickness is the right solution. Modern solid colors for spaces full of character.