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News, tips on style and interesting ideas from the world of ceramics

La Foresta di Gres: wood effect wall and floor tiles

La Foresta di gres (the stoneware forest) is Ceramica Rondine’s new strategic project to approach the market in a completely innovative fashion, offering advanced wood-effect flooring and wall covering solutions to dealers and customers through a strong policy of branding, optimisation and store dressing for the point of sale.


No trees to fell, but you have all the pleasure and beauty of wood

LA FORESTA DI GRES  is an imaginary journey through technological innovation, where the beauty and warmth of parquet marry with the practicality and durability of ceramic tiles. A guarantee of the absolute highest quality, but also of eco-sustainable production policies.
In LA FORESTA DI GRES there are no trees to fell, but you have all the pleasure and beauty of wood.


Amarcord, patterned floor tiles, arises from research aimed at defining two products that can live together in the same dwelling.

A “cotto” and wood that become one single product interpreted graphically according to concrete’s aesthetics



The new Ceramica Rondine collection takes its inspiration from the dream-like, charming beauty of the Venetian lagoon, a place with a thousand - year long history, where man and water have always lived together in a symbiotic relationship.
It is precisely in this lagoon landscape, deep - rooted in its seabed, that we find one of Venice’s most symbolic elements: the briccola, the dolphin, the nautical structure that marks off the navigable areas of the canals, providing important information.



The sinuous nature of wood shows off all its charms. New colour shades create natural wood effects on the tiles, mimicking the delicate grain found in nature.
Chalet wood-effect glazed porcelain stoneware stands out for its timeless appearance.



For those for whom classic style is a must, an opportunity to bring a warm, vintage touch. Vintage, recycled style has been gaining ground for years now, focusing first on stone and subsequently on wood.
Riding this wave, oak – the European wood par excellence, the most common and most closely bound to tradition and a warm, family atmosphere – has hitherto been offered in a distinctive, country-style guise; such products, striking though they are, are certainly not suitable for every setting. On this occasion, Ceramica Rondine’s idea is to apply the vintage, recycling concept to a more classic solution.


Hard & Soft

Mountain chalets deep in the silence of nature; the hushed atmosphere of stunning alpine scenery, the scent of aged wood: these were the inspirations that led to this collection and its strong tactile and material appeal.
Hard&Soft porcelain stoneware tiles are like wooden boards that depict the passing of time. The surface is alive, as if skilled artisans crafted each ceramic element by hand.



The richness of matter blends into the floor, bringing life to a fairy tale of yesteryear. This ceramic wood tile is inspired by the bright lights of the North.
Visual ceramic slabs come in six wood patterns: strong, fresh colours, in shades of white and blue to create an urban, modern and exclusive style.


Docks. A new conception of cerami

A new conception of ceramic, where sensations are the means through which to assert the triumph of style.
This is the spirit behind Docks, the Ceramica Rondine collection that recalls the texture, essence and appearance of refined and fashionable materials such as concrete. Versatile tiles, guaranteeing excellent technical performance and impeccable style, designed for interiors and exteriors with a contemporary and sophisticated look.


Metalwood. Minimal look to enhance modern architecture

A new, elegant, functional definition of concrete, the ideal material for a high-tech interior design style
An understated, minimal look to enhance modern architecture, with a subtle touch of class.


Mythos. The glazed stoneware floor that reproduces the wood

Produced in 5 different colours - Brown, Azur, White, Red and Beige - it wins its space in contemporary interior design thanks to the particularly silky and soft touch, the pleasingly earthy tones,  the suggestiveness of its intense chromatic nuances with light and dark tones, and its always unique grains.


Naturalia. Tles with an American walnut effect

Naturalia draws its inspiration from American walnut floorboards, which have the power to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in any room of the house. 
This ceramic tile, with its extremely refined glaze transmits a strong tactile feel, giving the surface the appearance of polished wood, produced with the latest, fully pressed, ceramic technology in the innovative 100x15 cm size.   


Old Navy. Vintage ceramic parquet

The Old Navy wood collection embodies the desire to offer a ceramic parquet with a different evocative base. A viewpoint which places the emphasis on aged, worn, faded wood, as opposed to the various types of wood especially prepared for laying in the home. 


Salvage. Porcelain stoneware like aged wood

A porcelain stoneware collection which places the emphasis on the spirit of salvaging with its innovative 1-metre long size. Salvage stands out for its wide colour range as well as for the variety offered by 24 different graphic solutions.
The different colours create  the look of wood aged by sunlight or inclement weather.   


Tabula. The simple and unmistakable beauty of the wood

The simple and unmistakable beauty of the wood and depth of the colour are the hallmarks of the Tabula collection of flooring and coverings, a ceramic tile that distinguishes itself for its extremely natural look.
Thanks to use of digital technology, combined with other more traditional applications, a warm, engaging effect is obtained: satin finish surfaces with a grain typical of wood.


La Foresta di Gres (the stoneware forest): the pleasure and beauty of wood.