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Fuorisalone 16. Ceramica Rondine with host Andrea Castrignano

Fuorisalone 16. Ceramica Rondine with host Andrea Castrignano

At the Fuorisalone 2016, Andrea Castrignano presented Color Inside, the interior design project that illustrates all the colours of his world in five different settings - Outdoor, Dining room, Living room, Bedroom and Bathroom – that bring a whole new meaning to a stroll through the home.


Color Inside by Andrea Castrignano

Outdoor, Dining room, Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom – all fitted out in the spacious attic apartment in Via Adige in Milan - bring a whole new meaning to a stroll through the home.

The colour chosen for each dimension of the home has inspired the choice of furnishings, accessories, essences and fragrances, materials and music, enveloping the visitor in a perceptive experience that engages all the senses.

It’s the colour here that sets the scene, creating an exploratory, inspiring allure.
Andrea Castrignano has explored the various nuances of colour, from the main hue to the pertinent shades, convinced that it’s colour that brings character to a setting and makes it more comfortable for the people who live there.

Color Parade & Outdoor

Before delving into the Color Inside experience, visitors had the opportunity to explore Andrea Castrignano’s world of colour through the Color Parade, which – just like an artist’s palette – illustrates the range of colours and shades featured in the rooms of the apartment in Via Adige, already visible in the elegant corridor.

The route leads to the Outdoor area, a homage to nature and relaxation, in which Andrea Castrignano has chosen sage green as the dominant colour. The artworks are by Gianluca Quaglia and the wood-effect porcelain stoneware is from the series Doghe and Hard&Soft by Ceramica Rondine.

The decoration on the door that leads onto the Outdoor area has been created with pantographed panelling on a design by Andrea Castrignano.


Dining room & Living room

The dining room is dominated by shades of brown, beige and dove grey.
The sophisticated elegance of the room is enhanced by wood-panelling style frames on the walls and the door into the room, featuring hexagon-shaped decorative panelling designed by Andrea.

The furnishings, accessories, sounds and the fragrance of fine wood creates a relaxing, convivial ambience.
The artworks are by Manuela Toselli, while the stoneware ceramics are from the Amarcord and Visual series by Ceramica Rondine. For the Living area, Andrea Castrignano has chosen austere, sophisticated shades of grey.

The furnishing elements, shapes, materials and the music selected all combine beautifully in a symphony of relaxation.
The room is embellished with the door crafted on an exclusive design by Andrea Castrignano, with wood panelling and a pantographed covering, and with the artwork by Eleonora Roaro.

Bricola and Galaxy by Ceramica Rondine are the stoneware series proposed by Andrea Castrignano for the Living room.

Bedroom & Bathroom

In the bedroom, Andrea Castrignano has opted for relaxing shades of lilac, in delicate, dusky tones. His approach has adopted the English style, with a bow window and wood panelling decorations on the wardrobe doors, without leaving aside contemporary design and high tech and the role they play in creating a cosy, restful atmosphere.

The fragrance conjures up all the magic of summer evenings, while the music is an invitation to dream.
The artworks are by Fabiano De Martin Topranin, while the stoneware ceramics are from the Amarcord and Visual series by Ceramica Rondine.

The dominant colour in the bathroom is petrol, with nuances of colour shifting towards petroleum green and mint green. In the centre of the room is a magnificent freestanding bathtub, while the shower with concealed door on the wall reveals an open sketch composition marble slab and a make-up console table with lighting for a movie star look.  

The atmosphere created is reminiscent of a private spa, with fragrances of lavender, cedar and rosewood. The artworks are by Kaori Miyayama, while the porcelain ceramics are from the Betonage and Tribeca series by Ceramica Rondine.


Kitchen & Home Spa

The kitchen is an ultra-modern setting, with all kinds of accessories for a convivial lifestyle, featuring a visible water boiler and a filter hood integrated into the hob top.

The long bench – with backlit glass and metal mesh covering – stands out against the black background of the wall, covered with open brickwork in stoneware from the New York series, part of the Brick Generation project by Ceramica Rondine.

And last but not least, the Home Spa by Andrea Castrignano.
A black glass door leads through to this haven of wellness, tiled throughout in white and black marble, featuring a Turkish bath and a heady fragrance for a beguiling ambience.