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The perfect dimension for wellbeing and relaxation

The perfect dimension for wellbeing and relaxation

Wellness Centres and Spas are extremely popular places to restore harmony, tone up and relax. 

These are places designed to help you relax completely, recharge your body and tone up your body.
Every element in them – furnishings, wall coverings, lighting – helps achieve balance, as well as guaranteeing a safe, hygienic, high-performance facility.

Day Spas and Wellness and Fitness Centres are designed not just to offer pleasing surroundings, but to guarantee comfort, safety and a series of specific functions.
But let’s start from the beginning.

Technologies can offer all kinds of wellness experiences and an endless range of spa solutions, from Turkish baths to saunas.
The only thing they must all have in common are surfaces and materials able to guarantee solidity and performance


So what better solution than stoneware?

As experts in this kind of surface, we know that stoneware is able to guarantee excellent technical performance.

Porcelain stoneware is frostproof, waterproof and anti-slip; it is resistant to chemicals, loads and scratches, and is easy to clean. 

> Totally practical choice, an investment guaranteed to last.
> Beautiful to look at, both for those who run and work in the centre and for those who use the services.
> A single solution ideal for spas, wellness centres and sports facilities. 

The performance of stoneware guarantees the beauty these facilities promise, especially when the collections chosen aspire to take care of design in all its aspects, with a particular accent on colour. 

One example of this is Galaxy, a collection with a big personality (in the photo), inspired by the pure, substantial character of stone and limestone cement.
The subtle, elegant design comes in five contemporary colours - cream, sand, olive, grey, dark – and comprises ideas for tone-on-tone and contrasting combinations in accordance with the NCS Colour System

Discover Galaxy!