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Walls that glisten like gold

Gold is a colour that takes us back to the glories of the mythical Golden Age (or aurea aetas in Latin), an era of prosperity and plenty. According to legend, it was a period when the earth provided food in abundance and people lived in peace with one another. The Golden Age was a frequent subject matter in classical literature from around the world and is now used to mean a particularly fortunate moment in our lives. According to the principles of Feng Shui, gold is a colour that has a very positive influence and stimulates physical and mental energy. Perhaps this is the reason for the surge in its popularity as a fashion and interior design trend? It is probably a combination of several factors.
But there can be no disputing that it is a colour – along with the other must have metallic shade: silver – that has made a massive comeback. We are seeing top models on fashion runways all around the world in clothes that sparkle with the glistening lustre of gold; likewise, people are craving touches of gold and golden accessories to decorate their homes. The impact of gold as an interior design choice is anything but irrelevant: not only does it lend a touch of chic elegance to a home or add a decorative feature to a space, it also has an impact on the other colours in the room, boosting warm shades and adding warmth to colder tones.

But it has to be used wisely and sparingly. It is an ideal choice for a feature or a detail. Maybe a lamp, a vase, a chair, a door knob or a picture frame. Recently, we have noticed it is being used with another trend too: pretend, faux or fake if you prefer: we’re talking about accessories – flowers, hunting trophies, rugs – all flaunting the fact that they are artificial. These flashy, sometimes outrageous decorations are usually made of plastic or some other synthetic material and are finished in gold.

The perfect colour match is black: We’ve seen the combination of gold and darkness on show at many trade fairs and exhibitions. It should be used wisely, perhaps playing on the contrast of glossy-matt surfaces: there is no question that it adds a touch of glam to living rooms or bedrooms.


What if we want to be even bolder and go as far as covering a wall with gold?

If you want to try being bold and illuminate your interior spaces with the sparkle of bright golden light, you will definitely be entranced by the enchanted splendour of Venice, bathed in its golden glow, especially during Italy’s most magical Carnival festival when its streets and passageways are bustling with life.

Ceramica Rondine has designed and developed a new ceramic concept inspired by the timeless elegance of Venice.
The new Venice collection complements the Brick Generation project, a collection of floor and wall coverings that recall the typical brick façades in the city.

The Venice line is the result of research and development focusing on the surface and on the blend, achieved by adding a percentage of glass to the stoneware mix. The result is an exclusive and gorgeous glaze, available in a fabulous range of colours, including copper, gold and silver.