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cobblewood wood effect porcelain stoneware

The use of recycled materials, in an eco-friendly perspective, is the concept behind this collection, inspired by nature and by one of its primary elements: wood. Cobblewood,exterior floor tiles with wood effect, reproduces the wood grain through the expert use of digital technology, so that the stoneware undergoes a metamorphosis that brings it to life. The effect is light, but with a striking visual effect. Each individual piece is made by combining different grains and wood-like effects. The result is a dense texture of light and colour. Creating an effect with a pleasant optical and material balance. Cobblewood is the glazed porcelain stoneware designed by Rondine for outdoor paving: ideal for use in the garden, by the pool side, and in all those areas requiring a totally natural look.

Colours and Finishings

Available formats

8,5 mm
13 1/2"x13 1/2"