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The concrete-look bathroom

The concrete-look bathroom

Concrete is one of the materials that’s right on trend when it comes to interior design solutions for floors and walls. Easily adaptable to a wide variety of furnishing styles, concrete is both resistant and compact and boasts a simple, no-frills appeal. Subtle and elegant, this is a material able to create bathroom settings where style is guaranteed – but how to guarantee optimal function and technical performance too? This is where porcelain stoneware comes in: popular with both private and professional customers for the many advantages it offers, and able to create concrete-style surfaces that look exactly like the real thing.

On the walls

Concrete-look wall tiles for the bathroom, able to create a splendid allure thanks to the subtle, sophisticated colour variations that sweep across the surface, in a perfect imitation of the streaking present in the material they’re inspired by.

When laid, as in this case, in harmony with the rest of the furnishings and materials, the concrete effect can be a superb solution for bringing a modern look to settings, with a contemporary flavour that brings a breath of fresh air and elegance. In the photo, the Amarcord collection and the Squary geometric decor element from the same series used inside the shower.

Concrete effect bathroom tiles
Concrete effect bathroom tiles

On the floor

Whatever the style chosen for the bathroom - industrial, shabby-chic or a fresh take on Scandinavian style – the concrete effect on the floor is an innately sophisticated solution that looks great every time. Fortified by the technical characteristics of stoneware, ideal for laying in humid environments such as the shower area, the concrete effect strikes a perfect balance between practical appeal and tasteful style, for a beautifully successful finish. In the photo, the Icon Light collection is shown on the floor.

Colour combinations

Often seen as cold and aseptic, the concrete effect is actually an ideal decor element to bring a strong, striking touch of character and personality. Take, for example, the most classic intense grey shades, ideal for creating interesting colour combinations, with shades that are vibrant yet easy on the eye.

Whether you go for lush, luxuriant red, emerald green or a pale mustard hue, our tip is to team the compact appeal of this material with an intense, audacious colour, for a guaranteed result. In the photo, the Volcano White collection on the wall and floor, teamed with the NCS S 3060-R20B shade of purple.

Concrete effect bathroom tiles
Concrete effect bathroom tiles

Material combinations

An interesting option not only for the possible colour combinations, but also for the material combinations it opens up to, the concrete look in the bathroom is an excellent way to team different textures to create a beautifully smooth overall style.

For instance, the concrete-effect stoneware teams splendidly with geometric patterns and cementine tiles to create original, intriguing settings. In the photo, the Swing collection, with the Night & Day decoration on the wall, together with the Ice shade from the same series.

How to use it in a small bathroom

If chosen intelligently, concrete-effect stoneware can make small bathrooms look bigger, provided you choose a size like the 60x60 square tiles, which can be used to create continuous surfaces without joints, or with very fine joints.

Tiles of this size, in soft, uniform shades like those of concrete-effect stoneware, are able to create the impression of a larger volume, visually expanding the setting.