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Four styles for one setting: the bathroom!

When it comes to fitting out the bathroom, tiles are the first element we choose to set the tone, before we add the furnishings, the towels and the rest. It’s the floor and wall coverings that give the room its distinctive character.

In this case, one of the most common wall covering materials is porcelain stoneware, both because it’s so resistant and easy to clean and for the huge range of decoration and colour options available.

So once we’ve chosen the type of material, it’s time to consider the style: what kind of bathroom are you looking for?

I’ve selected four different styles you might like to take a little inspiration from!


Modern and Chic

If you’re looking for a contemporary style, go for simple, clean-cut lines, choosing the taps and accessories accordingly and paying attention to how you combine the colours.

In this case, the colour scheme will focus on neutral or contrasting shades, with a colour block effect that brings character to the setting and creates an elegant, inviting atmosphere.

 - Rondine recommends:

The Urban & Colors collection is ideal to bring a modern touch of character to the walls of your bathroom. The brick-effect stoneware is available in a bright white shade, given a particularly eye-catching, “underground” edge thanks to the geometric shapes, barcodes and metal mesh (as shown in the photo). In contrast, the light blue Balene shade brakes up the monochrome look, for an extra-stylish setting.

Shabby and sophisticated

If you’re looking for some country-style inspiration, wood is the way to go: strong and sturdy, yet elegant and sophisticated.

You’ll love the warm allure and genuine details of this material, ideal for turning your bathroom into a relaxing little haven with a traditional air


 - Rondine recommends:

The Woodie collection embodies all the time-honoured beauty of wood, in a sophisticated, elegant porcelain stoneware. Available in both warm, classic shades and cooler, more modern nuances (such as the Green and White in the photo), Woodie is available in the pressed sizes 24x120 and 7.5x45 cm and the innovative 7.5x40.7 Chevron.


Romantic, with a pinch of nostalgia

If it’s a romantic, slightly retro look you’re seeking for the bathroom, go for neutral or dusty shades that complement the rest of the furnishings.

Team soft shades with details reminiscent of the grandeur of a bygone age (take care not to overdo it!) to bring a relaxed, nonchalant opulence to the setting.

 - Rondine recommends:

With its Sand-coloured brick-effect tiles, the Brick Generation’s Tribeca collection is ideal to bring a sophisticated, dream-like allure to the bathroom. The Tribeca collection, a homage to one of the most exclusive, lively districts in the Big Apple, comes in the versatile 6x25 size.

Vibrant and lively

Confident shapes and graceful colours are ideal for creating a youthful, dynamic look for the littlest room.

Lighten up the atmosphere of the bathroom by adding furnishings with an unusual design, for a colourful, sassy look. 


 - Rondine recommends:

The geometries created on the walls with the Squary collection are perfect for adding a modern, vibrant edge. Available in the 30x60 rectified size, this lively cement tile with geometric design is ideal for anonymous walls such as those inside the shower or for plain utility areas.