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Kitchen floors: new ideas and inspirations

Kitchen floors: new ideas and inspirations

The kitchen has always been used as a place for gathering together and sharing experiences. For the kitchen area, a key part of any home, ceramic flooring is the functional and decorative element that completes the interior design through continually renewed inspirations.  

Reliable and resistant for surfaces in every corner of the home, porcelain stoneware enriches the style of the kitchen, ensuring hygiene, elegance and beauty in this space for everyday living. Rondine has chosen for this environment the material qualities of cement, the naturalness of wood-effect, as well the refined beauty of oxidised metals.

The goal: to make the kitchen an ever more personalised and attractive space thanks to sizes and effects that make it possible to compose the floor design with complete freedom in the installation.

Invasion of light with wood-effect

A fascinating and varied colour palette for the shaded wood-effect stoneware floor, ideal for those looking for a warm atmosphere in the kitchen area and a vintage, rather than traditional, style.

With the Aspen collection, Rondine offers the materiality of wood in 4 nuances – from the warm tones of Beige to the darker tones of Brown – creating an invasion of light and an immediate sense of openness: the result is an essential Nordic-inspired environment, without renouncing warmth and expressiveness.

The stoneware boards in the 20.5x100 and 15x100 sizes reproduce in a completely natural way the veins, knots and shading of wood, combined with the unmatchable resistance of porcelain stoneware, ideal for floors which are frequently washed and need to have the highest levels of performance over a long period.


Gres Oxyd: maximum expression of contemporary design

The contamination of styles is a true must of contemporary design. The wear of time and elegance come together in such a natural way in the modern kitchen where the corten-effect created on the stoneware surface lends new character to floors and walls.

With the Oxyd line, Rondine impresses on the surface the original beauty of oxidised metals, enhancing the signs of time that passes and wears the surfaces, with the result of evoking an atmosphere suspended between ancient and modern.


The oxidised effect is offered in 6 colours and 5 sizes of stoneware, including the new 6.1x37 strip tile for a living room and kitchen area that will not go unnoticed, thanks to the perfect tone-on-tone combinations of floors and wall decorations.

The surfaces thus become true protagonists of the modern, trendy kitchen, thanks to a product like porcelain stoneware which is able to combine the strong visual impression of passing time with the guarantee of resistance, inalterability and the extreme easiness of cleaning for the future.  

Minimal-chic kitchen with a cement-effect

Modern, essential and sophisticated, the cement-effect tiles enable you to enhance the kitchen environment with a minimal-chic look that resists the passing of time. The matt finishing of the floor immediately lends an industrial style to the kitchen area with a material result of great visual impact.

Rondine’s Murales surprises not only for the ability to faithfully reproduce cement mortar, but also for the originality with which it is reinterpreted in an innovative and unusual way in four colour variations  (Beige, Ice, Grey and Dark) which reach maximum expressivity in the 60x120, 80x80 and 40x80 sizes, all rectified.


The cement-effect tiles with a modern, urban feel open up other mix and match possibilities in combination with elements that decorate the environment with playful touches. The Bombay decorative element from the Murales collection, which covers surfaces with damask graphics, ideal for embellishing the environment and giving it more brightness, is a perfect example.