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The Ceramica Rondine take on decorations

The Ceramica Rondine take on decorations

The combination of the technical quality of porcelain stoneware and the inspiration of geometrical patterns with a retro allure has brought a new approach to decoration, with floor and wall tiles that keep an eye on the past while reaching dynamically into the future.
With Volcano, Tuscany and the brand-new Swing collection, our leading-edge technologies have made it possible to create surfaces that take their inspiration from the finest ceramic and Art Deco tradition, in a unique mix of nostalgia, contemporary design and colour.



Volcano and Grey Cementine

In designing the Volcano collection, the aim was to create a faithful reproduction of all the power and primitive elegance of concrete, using its rough, compact texture as a source of style inspiration and experimentation. This led to a porcelain stoneware for floors and walls with an incredibly natural appeal and an elegant, modern texture. The series is enriched with the Cementine decoration – featured on the wall in Grey in the photo – which takes a trip back through the elegant geometric and floral patterns that wrote the history of wall coverings between the 19th and 20th centuries. The decoration comes in the 60x60 rectified size, ideal for laying strategically in order to bring a strikingly original touch to any setting.


Tuscany and the Giotto decoration

The ceramics used for the floors and walls of residential and public settings are given a stylish, colourful twist thanks to the Giotto decoration of the Tuscany cotto-effect stoneware collection. Floral patterns and sophisticated arabesques bring a touch of dynamism to the surface of the 20.3x20.3 tiles, made even more unique by the highly decorative impact of the vibrant brushstrokes of blue, gold, yellow and orange. The decor elements, created in different versions, can also be combined to create uniquely sophisticated, original mixes, perfect also for making the fireplace the focal point of the room.  



Fori Romani and the Patchwork decoration

Sophisticated relief floral and geometric decor elements come to life on the marble-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces of the Fori Romani series. The profoundly romantic Patchwork decor element  – on the wall in the photo teamed with the Calacatta colour from the series – is available in the Crema Marfil shade and the 30x60 size, a solution that can be used to create warm, tasteful, richly sensual looks for walls. Also adaptable for bathroom settings – given the waterproof, inalterable characteristics of stoneware – , this decoration is the ideal solution to bring extra light to settings, embellishing them with the beauty of marble, faithfully reproduced on the opulent surfaces in the series.


New for 2018: Swing

19 graphic patterns in three colours (Beige, in the photo – Blue – Night & Day) that can be teamed with five plain colours, making the dynamic new Swing series a collection able to create decorative combinations for a virtually endless variety of floor and wall coverings. The classic 20.3x20.3 pressed size of the tiles forms the base for incredibly eye-catching decorations, able to create delightfully hypnotic patterns midway between Op-Art and Art Deco. The classic cement tiles motifs are thus turned into irresistible patterns, ready to reinvent spaces, both with a vintage style and a more minimal, contemporary edge.