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Tiles in the kitchen: what essential features are required?

Tiles in the kitchen: what essential features are required?

A place to live in, spend time together and share the pleasures of the table. The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place that needs to be practical and comfortable, as well as to boast a creative, appealing design. And this is where floor and wall coverings come in: what are the qualities that make tiles both functional and attractive? Let’s take a look at the main features.


Porcelain stoneware tiles comply with the highest of standards in terms of suitability and practical appeal, thanks to their numerous advantages, starting from the fact they’re waterproof. Extremely compact and with extremely low water absorption levels (lower than 0.5% on average), porcelain stoneware offers a non-absorbent, incredibly resistant solution, perfect for protecting against the chemical agents and dirt that are always lying in wait in the kitchen.

Kitchen Tiles

Practical and beautiful, the Quarzi collection – in the photo in Light Grey on the floor and with the White 30x30 mosaic tiles on the wall behind the sink – offers surfaces inspired by quartzite, in a series of sophisticated, uncompromisingly elegant project solutions. Available in a wide variety of sizes, Quarzi tiles guarantee the technical performance of stoneware, bringing a wonderfully sophisticated minimal chic atmosphere to the kitchen.

Easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning floors, especially wood floors, we’re often worried we might not have made the best choice. There’s no need to worry with porcelain stoneware, because after installation, stoneware requires no complex maintenance to keep it looking great, and the same goes for the Ever wood-effect collection in the photo. To keep a floor like this clean (the photo shows the Fog colour from the series in the two sizes 20x120 and 30x120), especially in a place like the kitchen where stains are commonplace at mealtimes, all that’s required is a gentle neutral detergent  that leaves no residue on the surface. So remember: there’s no oil, coffee or sauce stain you can’t get rid of!

Kitchen Tiles

Abrasion resistant

Another salient feature of porcelain stoneware is its outstanding abrasion resistance, i.e. the resistance of the tile surface to wear and tear caused by contact with a variety of materials such as the soles of footwear, furnishing accessories, floor cloths and brushes.

Kitchen Tiles

Durable and versatile, the brick-effect stoneware tiles in the London series are perfect for guaranteeing lasting beauty in a busy environment like the kitchen. Available in a wide range of shades - including the Multicolor option on the floor in the photo in the 13x25 size – this collection offers all the richly nuanced allure of brick, ideal for bringing a warm, inviting, exquisitely industrial-chic air to the kitchen.


Style is also a must for tiling the kitchen, one of the busiest areas in the home, where an appealing appearance is essential. Able to offer numerous effects, colours and textures, porcelain stoneware proves a splendid ally once again, with the brand-new Swing collection.

This collection – one of those to be showcased soon at Cersaie – is designed to bring a vibrant touch to both floors and walls, thanks to the extra-colourful cementine tiles, ideal both with vintage-style settings and more contemporary, minimalist interiors. The collection comes in two sizes – 20.3x20.3 and 10x20.3 - and seven plain colours (Ice, Almond, White, Pearl, Grey, Dark and Black), as well as three inimitable geometric patterns and graphics in the shades Blue, Beige and Night & Day (black and white), marvellous optical solutions that bring a uniquely alluring, exclusive character to the kitchen.

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